I aint afraid of no Ghost!

Image is from the 1984 Ivan Reitman hit film ‘Ghostbusters’

I am a big fan of American civil war history – in particular the 1863 Battle of Gettysburg. Ever since i saw the Ken Burns documentary ‘The Civil War’ and the movie ‘Gettysburg‘, I have become very interested in the American Civil War. But lately what has interested me is the stories of sightings of Ghosts at Gettysburg. In fact it seems that ghost tours and shows about ghosts at Gettysburg have become more prevalent than the actual battle itself.

Now everyone has a story about seeing a ghost. But i have never seen a ghost. What has also got me thinking about ghosts are the increasing television programs about ghosts such as the Ghost Hunters International and shows such as ‘Long Island Medium’ where its claimed that contact can be made with the dead. I ask the question then – Could ghosts exist? Is it possible that there could be life after death?

But lets start with the question – what is a ghost? Ghosts are defined as ‘an apparition of a dead person which is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image’. Do ghosts appear in one particular form?  From videos and images of ghosts at Gettysburg, ghosts appear as full bodied apparitions and orbs of light. In other videos, ghost hunters claim to capture ghosts replying to questions on EVP (which always baffles me when Long Island Medium seems to be able to speak with the dead telepathically’).

At Gettysburg, its claimed that people have seen full bodied apparitions, heard voices of the dead and even heard phantom cannon blasts. Ghost tours of the battlefield have become more popular than ever. Even more interesting than the battle itself? Or is it possible that if you make a video, add some haunting music and a slow monotonous narrative can set our active imaginations on fire with the belief that ghosts do exist?

Now how is this possible? How can a ghost exist? We understand our world through our five senses – Sight, smell, touch, hearing and taste.  We also understand our world in three dimensions – top, bottom, side. But is it possible that there is another dimension to our existence that is beyond our five senses to understand? Can there be another dimension where something can exist in another form? Can ghosts exists in this dimension? Its an interesting question for meta-physics.

If ghosts do exist, then how do can we use science to explain the rational existence of ghosts? why dont we see them everywhere? Surely with people dying every day that if there are ghosts, that they would actually be easily to find. Or do ghosts only appear at locations where was suffering – such as at Gettysburg? Do we have such an energy level that when we die violently that some of that energy remains? Is that even physically possible?

If it was possible, then should we see ghosts at other battlefields or scenes of violent deaths? For example, the former battlefields of the First World War in Europe would have numerous ghost sightings. Or have they? In 2014, an article in the Sydney Morning Herald reported that a picture taken at Gallipoli a First World War battlefield in Turkey, had shown a ghost in the background.

So if ghosts can appear at battlefields from a century ago, what about 200 years ago or even 1000 years ago? We know that the battle at Gettysburg happened in July 1863 – thats now 150 years ago. But what about battles that happened even before that? Wouldnt or should we see ghosts from battlefields as at Culloden, the Thirty Years War, the Hundred Years War or even Ancient battles? Or is the energy used by ghosts expendable after a time period?

Why wouldnt ghosts from Ancient battlefields be seen? In 2003, CCTV cameras captured the image of a ghost opening and closing windows at Hampton Court Castle in England in what appears to be in 16th century dress. Spooky or a fake?

So how do we explain ghosts? Dismiss them as an overactive imagination or as being explainable? Do we consult the teachings of religion and accept them as evidence of the afterlife? Or do we rely on science to prove the existence or non-existence of something that cannot be explained? But what is science? Is the use of equipment such as EVP really scientific? Has any of the equipment used by tv shows as Ghost hunters really captured the existence of ghosts? What are people really seeing (or not seeing) at Gettysburg?

I aint afraid of no ghost……..


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